BMW 2002

BMW 2002 Crystal Palace Park 1983

My BMW 2002, on the main straight at Crystal Palace racetrack in 1983.


The Telulog fuel consumption calculator

Article at… The Telulog fuel consumption calculator.  ( Old Classic Car Magazine)

Midget B

TelULog attached to the dashboard of my 1966 MG Midget. No idea why; never used it. 😛

1966 Sunbeam Rapier Series V 1725cc


The last of the Rootes series of Rapiers before the Chrysler backed Arrow series replaced the entire range. Stately old comfy cruiser with overdrive on 3rd & top. Less than 4,000 of this version were made (the rarest of the Rootes Rapiers). This one cost me £100 & I ran it for 3 years before selling it for £75. Mechanically straightforward, most repairs easily carried out by the hamfisted amateur (me). (I’ll fetch a hammer).

Photo info: Zenit E Helios 58mm 1/60th f11

The Subway

At Crystal Palace, hidden from view, is a Victorian vaulted subway which once  linked the former High Level Station with the Crystal Palace itself, passing under the Crystal Palace Parade. It has remained closed for many years but attempts are currently being made to reinstate public access.

In September 1983 the Subway was opened for one day only in an event dubbed “Subway Superday” at which I took this dodgy picture.

Zenit E 400ASA 1/60th f5.6 (possibly!)

Recently the “Friends of the Crystal Palace Subway” appealed via Twitter for photo’s relevant to the Subway.  In a rash moment I submitted said picture & now find myself  asked to be included on the guest list for a test opening to gain Council approval for Public access.

*Mr. de Mille*