Ford Corsair D/L 1966 1663 cc V4



Originally in straight 4 1500 cc form, the Corsair (a mildly uprated version of the Mk1/Mk2 Cortina) was upgraded in 1965 with V4 engines of 1663 cc & 1998 cc. Not the best engine Ford ever made, the “Essex” V4 as it was known was never used in the top selling Cortina (only partly to give the idea of greater prestige to the Corsair), but did make it into the 1969 2 litre Capri. However, the success of the Pinto 2,000 cc engine in the Mk3 Cortina meant a production run of only 3 years for the V4 Capri.

Top of the Corsair range was the luxury 2000E, where the E, like the 1600E Mk2 Cortina stood for “Executive”. The 2000E was never as popular as its sibling, the 1600E  still being a sought after classic today. The Mk3 Cortina replaced both the Cortina & Corsair ranges in 1970.

The one above (pictured in 1978) was mine in 1663 cc form. It possessed the V4’s notorious roughness but served its purpose well enough as a “stop gap” when my MGB was stolen. I kept it for about 6 months & sold it for roughly what I paid. It had the idiosyncrasy often found in Fords of the early 60s “Consul” range that the locks very quickly became worn & you could open & start it with whatever key came to hand. I think it got through 3 starter motors too, which meant a lot of pushing!


There’s tidy (Ford Capri Mk 2 1.6L)

All on its own in the car park. All the other cars have started OK & left it….awwwwww


Having said that you don’t see many 30 something Fords looking quite as spry as this one.

Ford Capri 2000 GTXLR V4 1972

The first series of Ford Capri, had narrow strip rear lights & the power bulge only on the 3.0 V6. In 1972, Ford made some cosmetic changes whilst retaining the classic Mk 1 shape, going to cluster rear lights & putting the power bulge on all models, even the 1300. Before they did so they made a limited edition of the 2 litre GTXLR with the old rear lights and the, replaced at update, V4 engine, loaded with a number of options & having for this edition only the power bulge on the bonnet. This was the one I had, & it was possibly the most enjoyable car to drive that I’ve owned.