Toyfair (RIP)

A warm evening up at the village at what turned out to be the last toyfair to be held there. Both buyers and sellers have been noticeably absent at recent events, and really it was not a surprise when (organiser) Joe announced the closure.

Only purchase was an Atlas Editions repro-Dinky Mini Countryman with a quite good repro box. Not much money.

It’s a pretty little model but doesn’t look quite right as the rear side-window is one piece of perspex, whereas, in the full size car there was a sliding rear window which gave the impression of a ‘c-post’ above the rear wheel-arch.


Some missing toy fair visits…

Missed two visits to the toyfair (bit poorly) but managed to get to it on July 1st; possibly the warmest day I can remember.  Still quite well attended by both sellers and buyers.


So a Hornby 0-6-0 Great Western pannier tank and a Ford 105E van for not much money.  The loco needed a bit of TLC and a new copper ring for the top of the chimney. The Anglia van is I think supposed to be in British Relay livery but the graphics are very poor. Might have expected better from Oxford Die-casts. Also needed some fettling as the baseplate was loose.

The next visit was towards the end of August. Much cooler, thankfully and reasonably well-attended.


Which yielded a couple of bargain bin items and a quite nice (Corgi) BET single-deck bus in Oxford livery, for no money at all.

The ‘random’ bag of bits,


was once a Matchbox “Models of Yesteryear”  series, Model T BP petrol tanker.

And now…


…it is again.

Lastly in October…chillier and really quite Autumnal…


Harrington Grenadier by EFE in (local firm) Timpson’s livery. Common sight on the roads to the West Country ‘back in the day’. Plus a 1950s Karrier Bantam dustcart by Matchbox in very poor condition but a ‘fun’ buy. Lastly a 1960s Dinky Toys Jaaaaag Mk X. Nice original,  slightly playworn, condition and a steal at just £1. Needed tyres….not a problem. Poorly attended but was different in that a researcher for a publishing company was interested in talking to people about possible toy-related magazine ideas. It is unusual to see a lady at these, pretty much, male-oriented events. 😛

Toys (again).

Another trip up to the village to visit the Toyfair, yielded a fair number of new items.


An early 1950s Dinky Toys Talbot Lago, racing car, in fair, playworn condition. A 1/76 Volvo tractor, 1950s, Hornby Dublo 3 rail wagon, 1960s Playcraft Jouef wagon & a 1950s Hornby 3 rail turn out. Total £15.75. Most satisfactory.

The Talbot has been subjected to some minor restoration…basically new number decals.



& a touch of white paint to the driver’s headgear.

It completes my set of the six Dinky racing cars of the 1950s….



From L-R Talbot, Alfa Romeo, Cooper Bristol, HWM, Ferrari (in blue!) & Maserati.

There was also a Vanwall but that was a  of different series/sequence & does not really go with the earlier models, & a generic “streamliner”, which is not all that sought after.