Havengore at St. Katharine Docks in October 2014. Fifty years ago today (30 January 1965) it was  Sir Winston Churchill’s boat on the occasion of his state funeral.




More Toyfair bits & bobs

Very foggy autumnal evening. Some bargains available, but not very well attended and some regular sellers still absent. But it makes for a reasonably pleasant way to pass an hour or two.


And here we have; a 1950s Hornby-Dublo cast signal box, a 1960s Airfix 2-6-2 tank loco kit, (both OO scale), a modern Matchbox Yesteryears Citroen H-type van (approx 1/43 scale) and a Majorette 1/60 scale Ford Model A van (McVities livery), which appears to be a copy of the 1980s “Matchbox” casting. Total outlay GBP10, not too bad.

Singer Vogue Mk1

*In which I continue my mild obsession with 1960’s Rootes Group cars*

A few weeks back, a tremendous racket outside turned out to be this Mk 1 Singer Vogue (1961/2) reversing down the road clearly with most of the exhaust system completely useless or possibly missing altogether. Since when it has been parked on my neighbour’s drive, chocked by bricks.


Distinguishable from the similarly styled Mk2 (both had the wraparound rear window) by the chrome bonnet strip & white front indicators the Vogue was an uprated, badge-engineered, version of the Hillman Super Minx.


Jaguars at Dulwich Picture Gallery


Long time since I’ve been to Dulwich Picture Gallery although I’ve played cricket at one of the beautiful grounds across the road. Recently though, there was a small display of vintage Jaguars to coincide with a lecture by Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Design Director.

D-Type. With improvised protection. (The weather was threatening to be typically “British”….appropriately).


Road legal C-Type, in iconic Ecurie Ecosse colours.


The classic E-Type.


& the contemporary F-Type


Each of the earlier cars had an interesting history but most of it now escapes me.

A more modern XK & an S-Type also managed to get in on the act.



The grounds are beautiful & immaculately kept.


& nearer to the gallery in a space to itself there was to be seen a Citroen “H” Van. (No relation). 🙂