Toyfair (again); (again)

*The one where I thought it was a Bugatti at first too…:P*

I’d missed a couple of toyfair events again due to being a bit “under the weather” so made the effort to visit recently.

It was not well attended & at least 2 regular stall-holders were missing. Not many bargains & only came away with a modern 1/60th scale (approx.) 1933 MG & a 1950s Hornby Dublo 3 rail buffer set. Lovely little items those, die-cast with spring-loaded buffers. My collection of 3 rail stuff is growing slowly & I am close to having an operational layout albeit a small one.





CRYSTAL PALACE SUBWAY OPENS TO THE PUBLIC – News from Crystal Palace – News & stories from the fresh air suburb – Crystal Palace, London SE19

CRYSTAL PALACE SUBWAY OPENS TO THE PUBLIC – News from Crystal Palace – News & stories from the fresh air suburb – Crystal Palace, London SE19.

Spencer Road Halt; Then & Now

*leaves on the Line*

Just behind the houses on the other side of the road is an old disused railway line. It ran from nowhere you’ve ever heard of to somewhere you wouldn’t want to go and was one of the plethora of tiny branch lines built in the late 19th- or early 20th-centuries. Spencer Road Halt was built with the idea that passengers could transfer to the main London to Brighton Line by walking approximately a quarter-of-a-mile to the west. This did not work and the halt was closed in 1915. The line itself remained in use until the early 1980s, when in off peak, there was one train every 2 hours, of 2 coaches, in one direction only. To return you waited 2 hours for one in the opposite direction.

In early 1900s



& 2014


Some of the track bed to the north has been utilised by London Tramlink and if the envisaged extension to the south ever comes to pass, it is likely that this stretch of land would be levelled and pressed into service once more.

Toyfair #Fail

*The One Where I ask Myself, “What Happened to All the Bargains”? *

The latest visit to the Toyfair wasn’t particularly successful.

However, I was pleased to pick up, for very little money, an early Triang series 4, GWR (regionalised) brake van, in quite good condition. ¬†Often they are missing the brake man’s handle, the rear light or the roof vent.
Plus some updated track & a video (VHS!) featuring finescale modelling I do not have the aptitude for & certainly not the patience!IMG_0659




Another Toyfair Visit

Again I visited the toyfair up at the village. Slightly better attended by both sellers & public than back in the Summer, but interesting items were hard to find though not impossible if you were prepared to look carefully.

So……I came away with a boxed Hornby Dublo 3 rail tinplate (OO scale) LMS composite coach at reasonable cost & a 1/76 (?) scale AEC Regal in Green Line livery (not very collectible) for a total of ¬£8. Not too bad.