Motorsport at the Palace 2019

Having missed the 2016 and 2017 events and with the 2018 event being cancelled after a change back to the original organisers caused logistical problems, it was a pleasure to return to Crystal Palace park for the May Bank Holiday meeting. I would say there were slightly fewer competitors than previously and the event was definitely not as well attended.

The start line: The marshalls did a good job of staging the cars throughout the day and the temporary start line arch was not quite as ‘Toytown’ as it looks.

There was still quite a variety of machinery including hillclimb specials and single-seaters. This one was designed by its owner aged 14 in the back of a maths exercise book.

Nice F3 Brabham

Bullitt versus 007

Big tree bend: a hairpin at roughly the halfway point where the earlier machines demonstrate their ability to four-wheel-drift not having the benefits of modern suspension or grip levels.


Live steam

Alexandra Palace and the London Model Engineer exhibition. A little sparser than previously and slightly less interesting. Still worth an afternoon out though.

Always like the live-steam railway exhibits. This is a gauge 1 layout using miniature real coal in a real miniature firebox with an authentic coal-fired aroma!

There is a minor campaign to persuade Hornby to reintroduce their real steam 00-gauge models.

Crystal Palace Sprint Meeting 2015

The rain held off and there was a reasonable selection of machinery for this year’s meeting back at the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May.

Particularly liked an awesome Cooper-Daimler V8 with a lady driver.


But spent far too much time inspecting a 1952 Aston-Butterworth Grand Prix with its unusual flat-4 engine. In reality it was unreliable and had a tendency to catch fire!!


Cockpit would give a modern GP driver nightmares for life!