Jonathan Trott

News has broken this morning that Jonathan Trott has had to return from the Ashes tour with a stress related illness, something we have seen before with the unfortunate Marcus Trescothick.

There have been some less than supportive comments on various websites. As I wrote on the “King Cricket” website “If a person suffers from heart disease, say, people are understanding & sympathetic, but if something goes wrong with the brain (which is just organic matter also) then they are treated dismissively & even abused. Good luck to Trotty, clearly struggling for some time & brave enough to say “I can’t do my job, I need some help” before the damage became impossible to treat or alleviate”.

Hopefully he will be back to grind out some big scores, but like Trescothick we may have seen the last of him for England, at least on tour.


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