Crystal Palace Spring Bank Holiday Meeting 2013: Part 2

As said in part one there were fewer interesting cars this year, although there was still a large entry.

I once had an MG Midget (with full length Ashley hard top). It didn’t have a front bumper either but wasn’t as quick as this one.  Mine was great fun but got run over by a cement truck.


Cooper Bristol….didn’t have one of those….


The paddock was as open & friendly as ever


There was a good static display, although very often a lot of the cars disappear even before the day’s running has been completed.

To continue my slight obsession with pre Chrysler Rootes group products here’s a Singer Gazelle. I think it is a series 3B from about 1961


So then it was time to visit one of the famous guardians of the old Crystal Palace @crystal_sphinx on Twitter…


& for a first look at the re-furbished & re-opened original railway station booking hall.


The Chapel referred to in an earlier post was actually where the ticket office now is.


It was good to see the station being generally improved & restored.


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