More Toyfair Bits

Another visit to the toyfair up at the village. It wasn’t snowing this time but despite the bright sunshine streaming into the hall at 8PM, the outside temperature was in single figures.

One new loco & a Yesteryears Y14 Stutz in “Straw” box represented a fair haul.

The loco is pretty recent but is more to run than to stand on a shelf.

Yesteryears changed the boxes to a deep red or maroon about 1983, so the Bearcat is not a bad buy at £1. Near mint. Towards the end of the ’80s, Yesteryears over-exploited the collector’s/limited edition market & there was a small but discernible drop off in quality which, means they are no longer as sought after today. The dealer I bought it from had a whole table of mint boxed items for which he was only asking £1 each.




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