A couple of things I forgot to blog

First there was a visit to Somerset House on Xmas eve 2012 to view an exhibition of photographs attempting to create in colour what Cartier Bresson did in black & white



I got asked not to take photographs….. 😛

Outside in the courtyard the Ice Rink was in full swing..


Including the famous Skate Penguin (a training aid for novice skaters)…who tweeted, & made videos of his adventures in London…all rather fun…


Then there was a visit to the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre.  Croydon boasted the World’s first intercontinental Airport & was London’s main airport between the wars. Flights continued after WW2 up till 1958.  A visit to the Centre is free & it is open on the first Sunday of every month.


Reconstruction of the original control room, in it’s exact location


The Rook & Raven Gallery just off Oxford Street to see some reinterpretations of photos of The Rolling Stones taken by Bill Wyman. Some fascinating & historic images included.

Rook & Raven outside

Minimalist to say the least, lower gallery.

The lower gallery. Very minimalist.


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