10 thoughts on “Lotus

  1. Carlos Ferreira says:

    He might even get lucky. I just hope someone sews him back for sheer lunacy.

    • Carlos Ferreira says:

      *sues him…

    • eagleash says:

      A stitch in time saves a buggered motor manufacturer….

      • Carlos Ferreira says:

        My main question at this point is what was the board of Lotus (was it the board of Proton?) doing. What were they thinking? Is Bahar just the fall guy?

      • eagleash says:

        Sort of in that he was entrusted by the “board” (Malaysian Govt.?) with reinventing the Lotus brand probably after a M***o-esque “look at me” sales spiel. Should never have been appointed. Comments on F1R early 2010 apposite….
        Surprise is that he has stayed around this long, whether left or fired…….aged 39 left several high profiles positions under something of a cloud…always going to fail….

      • Carlos Ferreira says:

        Wasn’t he one of Ferrari’s spin men for a while?

      • eagleash says:

        Yes…hence the desire to out-do Ferrari

      • Carlos Ferreira says:

        Even Lamborghini and Porsche know that you can’t our-Ferrari Ferrari. What he needed to look at was to be a slightly better Lotus.

        How fun ironic it be if Lotus folded and Caterham ended up acquiring the rights to produce the Elise alongside the 7? Never going to happen with the Malaysian connection, I know, but the idea amuses me.

      • eagleash says:

        Not sure who owns Lotus now, seen reference to something called GB-Hcom or similar name who are alleged to be restructuring for re-sale. So could happen.

  2. eagleash says:

    & yes I have just realised that the current owner’s possible plans are included in this post I re-blogged from Joe. DOH!

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